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Artisan chocolatier

Advice and training on chocolate pan

for artisan chocolate makers

Frédéric Menguy can offer a global approach including equipment, raw material and know-how. You would like to create or increase the size of a chocolate panning workshop. You need to invest but you are hesitating between a belt coater or a classical pan, air treatment by dehumidification or dehydration, doing or not doing precoating on your dried centers, onsite or offsite training for your staff.


Through his experience acquired in industrial environment, Frédéric Menguy can support you in making your choices and building your project. He can assist you in doing the budget study of your future panned chocolate products workshop. He can also assist you in sizing your chocolate pan and supervising your project during installation.

Training adapted to artisan chocolate makers

To enable you to quickly acquire the skills needed in chocolate panned products making, three options are available:

A three-day technical training course in Montauban / France exclusively reserved to the production of chocolate panned products.

He works in collaboration with the National Confederation of chocolate makers and Chamber of Trade of Montauban. The practical part in an industrial environment represents more than half of the training course.

A three-day hands-on training in your facilities using your equipment

which will enable you to produce immediately after. This product can be chocolate panned product, sugar panned product or a mixture of both technics (Vienna type products)

A technical tailor-made course in his Application Laboratory

which allow you to meet your specific needs very quickly.

In both cases, the training method developed by Frédéric Menguy will enable you to understand quickly the existing parameters during the production of chocolate panned products (polishing finish), to understand the influence of each parameters on the result and finally be able to invest in an efficient chocolate pan and/or be able to produce reliably.

Attached to management principles by quality,

Frédéric Menguy offers solutions which respect your quality approach. To make sure that solutions proposed to solve your manufacturing problems last in time, he uses the following : on continuing improvement approach, on active staff participation, on food safety and hygiene legislation.

Training possibilities

You will find below the 2 distinct parts of mission: advice – training, but bear in minds that his actions combine both aspects of on-going improvement.

Helping you to :
• Define the provisional budget of your projects, size your installation.
• Choose equipment and supervise set-ups.
• Design + develop your innovative panned products.
• Work with raw materials (choice specifications, supplier research)
• Solve technical and operations problems (reduce costs, waste, capacity losses)
• Industrialize traditional process

Guide your team in :
• Set-up of proposed solutions
• Increase skill level of the operators
• Quality, hygiene and food safety approach (ISO22000, IFS & BRC certifications)
Train your teams of the 6 steps of pan coating :
• Gumming
• Chocolate coating
• Sugar or sugar-free hard panning
• Soft panning
• Colouring and finishing
• Chocolate or sugar polishing

Training contents are tailor-made for all type of audience :
• Fields operators
• R&D technicians
• Quality teams
• Maintenance teams

Training sessions are carried out in your facilities or in one of your partner centres, in France or in Germany.

Available in French, English and Spanish.

Do you have a project ?

Get expert advice and training on chocolate pans for artisan chocolatiers.

Today recognized as one of the best experts in pan coating, he guides industrial confectioners and artisan chocolatiers in their development in France as well as internationally.