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Industrial confectioners training

Pan operator training

The training centre FMDE, company managed by Frédéric Menguy trains your staff on the 6 operations of pan coating process :




Chocolate pan coating


Hard panning (sugar and sugar-free)


Soft panning


Colouring and finishing


Chocolate and sugar polishing

The content of the pan operator training is adapted to the field operators.

The pedagogy used will enable them to understand all the operations and give them the autonomy required by their job.

Motivating reflection is the priority of the trainer Frédéric Menguy.

He thinks that progress comes by asking the right question.

This strictly technical approach to pan operator training is part of a general skill development of the machine operators in today’s company.

This means that, during the pan operator training, Frédéric Menguy will take into account the following aspects:

Hygiene and food safety

Respect of good manufacturing practices, use of HACCP approach in compliance with the European Legislation 178/2002 and 852/2004 and food safety standards (ISO 22000, IFS, BRC).

Safety of operators

the emphasis is on the necessity for the operator to be aware of the risks of using the pan: protective gear, respect of procedure and also ergonomic principles (movements and postures).

Management and respect of hierarchy

Frédéric Menguy particularly pays attention to not put management in awkward situations especially during internal training. On the contrary, he tries to involve the managing team and team leaders as much as possible. This can be done by a prior visit or by a Skype conference. This will enable both parties to agree on the training program.

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Pan coating training

 for executives

Thanks to his thorough knowledge of French and foreign markets and also current issues, Frédéric Menguy offers in depth specific training around pan coating.



Here are some examples of pan coating training:

  • Understanding of the physico-chemical phenomena observed during crystallization in the pan.
  • Review of pan coating operations and equipment possibilities for each operation
  • Colouring: natural colouring solutions or substitution by bioxyde titanium.
  • Launching or developing products taking into consideration the compromise between marketing and production.

In our Application Laboratory,
in Training Center or at your facilities

  • In our Laboratory : a tailor-made training for your team
  • In the Training Center of Agir CRT in Bordeaux
  • At your facilities for a training using your equipment

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Today recognized as one of the best experts in pan coating, he guides industrial confectioners and artisan chocolatiers in their development in France as well as internationally.