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Panned products legislation – Dragées labelling and packaging

Panned products legislation

You would like to be helped either on panned products legislation problems or any other panned candies ?

Frédéric Menguy helps the production manager in all choices linked to the panned products legislation in the domain of production, packaging and also labelling :


Choice and dosing of additives, especially colourings


Respect of export panned products legislation depending of the country


Advice in quality certifications

Frédéric Menguy can also share his expertise about Kosher and Hallal certification for production.

The compromise between panned products legislation and production is a priority in the approach

labelling of panned candies

The labelling of sugar or chocolate panned candies must be a sales argument

On the one hand, consumers are more and more attentive to labelling on products but are often disconcerted or even worried by the terminology used. On the other hand the complexity of legislation concerning sugar and chocolate panned products can seriously complicate the production manager’s job.
When the products are exported it is even more complicated as you must respect demands or requirement of each country.

FMDE, the company of Frédéric Menguy can help you to improve the labelling of your dragées by making them more attractive to the consumer, always respecting legislation of course.

Do you need to be helped with panned products legislation ?