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Panned products marketing

new panned product

You’re launching a sugar, sugar-free or chocolate panned product ?

Whether you are an industrial manufacturer or a professional artisan, you need realible and recent information before launching a pannes product. Through his market knowledge of both French and international, Frédéric Menguy will enable you to direct your choices to increase your success probability. The realistic propositions are his power. Based on experience of your company, the people and the equipment, he always takes production problems into account :

  • Production costs and time for added value
  • Technical expertise needed
  • Constraints of preservation and packaging
  • Food and safety legislation
  • Organoleptic quality

The search for marketing and production compromise is a priority in his approach

When launching a new panned product, Frédéric Menguy makes sure the compromise is accepted by all, from the marketing manager to the pan operators.

An example of problem solving

Launch a range of naturally coloured candies

The Marketing / Production compromise is particularly difficult to find. The consumer doesn’t want artificial colouring but nevertheless they want brightly coloured uniform and time resistant candy.
Also before launching candy made with natural colouring, the following characteristics will have to be grasped :

  • Shades of colours and intensity requested
  • Stability
  • Unwanted taste
  • Production cost

By choosing adapted natural colourings which will withstand the constraints of the panning process, you will be able to reach objectives. Indeed we must take into consideration all the parameters of panning process (time, temperature, pH, light or metal oxidization, to only state the major ones.)

Selection of colourings

Thanks to his experience in colouring chocolate or sugar panned products, Frédéric Menguy will help you to reach the results wanted more efficiently.


He will be able to recommend natural colourings which are best adapted to your needs among the array of suppliers, free from any commercial links. Once choice has been made, he will be able to guide you in :

  • focus on colours
  • batch testing implementation
  • industrial implementation

Use our App-Lab

Our Applicarion Laboratory can help you to develop new panned confectioneries.

Use our App-Lab

Our Applicarion Laboratory can help you to develop new panned confectioneries.

Are you launching a new sugar, sugar-free or chocolate panned product ?