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Ingredient suppliers training

Confectionery training

for ingredient suppliers

1/ Sales department


As a sale manager, you and your team are often asked technical questions from your clients. Frédéric Menguy can carry out short, intensive confectionery training which highlight the most important parameters of each panning step. You will then be able to gain competence and to bring answers expected by your customers.



2/ R&D department


As R&D manager, you and your team must be able to incorporate your ingredients into panned products in your laboratory and pilot scale. Frédéric Menguy can offer confectionery training which will enable:

  • Implementation of your ingredients
  • Production of samples or prototype valuing your ingredients.
  • Operational mode set-up for your customers which will include specific recommendations (equipment, environment, air flow, temperatures, etc.)

Pan coating training and advice for ingredient suppliers

Frédéric Menguy takes action in your company or at your customer’s facilities combining pan coating training and advice about equipment, raw material or manufacturing protocols.

The table below shows different possibilities:

In your facilities


  • Customer needs analysis
  • R&D support
  • Running of trials and testing of ingredients
  • Writing operational mode
  • Operators + sales engineers training at 6 steps of the pan coating process :
    • Precoating
    • Chocolate coating
    • Sugar or sugar-free hard panning
    • Soft panning
    • Colouring
    • Chocolate or sugar polishing
  • Lab equipment sales advice (new or second-hand)


Training sessions are carried out in your facilities or in one of your partner centres, in France or in Germany.

At your customer’s


  • Set-up and adjustments of manufacturing parameters
  • Solve technical and operations problems
  • Ingredient substitution in the recipe
  • Training with your ingredient

Are you looking for a confectionery training adapted to your needs ?